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Lender Representation
Lender Representation

Whether you are buying a new home or refinancing your existing one, Murray & Quill, P.C.,  can handle mortgage closings for a variety of banks and mortgage brokers.  We strive to make the 

mortgage process as painless as possible for you. Call us to see if your lender is one we can represent, or feel free to put us in touch with your loan officer.

Zoning and Land Use

The   attorneys at Murray & Quill, P.C., have   experience with all facets of zoning and land use.  We have represented clients before a variety of boards and would be pleased to assist you with:

- Subdivision plans

- Variances

- Special Permits

- Land Use

- Commission hearings

- Board of Health hearings

- Licensing

- Board of Selectmen hearings

- Planning Board hearings

- Rezoning Petitions

Real Estate
Real Estate

Murray & Quill, P.C., can help you with all your real estate transactions.  Whether you are buying or selling your home, we can negotiate the Purchase and Sale Agreement for you.  We will handle pre-closing matters, work to resolve title problems, and coordinate the closing with the lender.   We can also answer your questions about title insurance and the Homestead Act.  We have experience with all types of  both residential and commercial real estate transactions, condominium conversions, and transactions involving new construction.

Estate Planning
Estate Planning

Preparation of the following documents


- Wills

- Durable General Powers of Attorney

- Health Care Proxies

- Credit Shelter Trusts

- Marital Deduction Trusts

- Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

- Creation of Life Estates

- Nominee Trusts

- Homestead Petitions

Probate and Estate Administration

The attorneys at Murray & Quill can assist you with all aspects of probate and estate administration.  If you have been nominated as a Personal Representative, Executor or Executrix, Trustee or other fiduciary, we can guide you through each step of the process.  We will assist you from the initial filing of your petition with the court through the complete settlement of the Estate.  Our services include:


-Determination as to whether a ‘Formal’ or “Informal’ filing is required;


- Preparation of all court-required documents, including Petitions, Bonds, Orders, Inventories and Accounts;


- Analysis of potential estate tax and fiduciary tax liability;


- Clearing of title to real property owned by the Estate;


- Assistance with liquidation of assets;


- Sale of real property owned by the Estate;


- Assistance with distributions from the Estate; and


- Preparation of all documents required to close the Estate.

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